Vainglory is a MOBA game. This game features two opposing teams that fight to reach and destroy the enemy’s base. The best part is the jungle situated between the lanes. The jungle contains creatures and objectives that players can kill or capture. 

 There are five players in one team controlling an avatar. The objective of the player is to destroy the “Vain crystal” in the opponent’s base.

There is a Ranked mode which features ranking. The ranking system is used to rank the players by the points they earned from match wins. 

Vainglory features five modes of in-game communication: team emoticons, strategic pings, static chat lines, party voice chat, and in-game chat. 

There are 56 heroes, each with definite and peculiar traits. But he is balanced for fair play. If any hero has high damage, he may have poor mobility or other flaws. 

The game provides two basic in-game currencies (a.k.a. glory) that you can use for in-app purchases. One is free and that can be earned through playing and completing missions. 

Another is ICE that you have to purchase with real-world money. You can unlock heroes using glory. 

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