Rocket League

Rocket league is best Described as “soccer game with rocket-powered cars”. There are eight players assigned to each of the two teams in the multiplayer mode of Rocket League. Players use vehicles to hit the ball into their opponent’s goal to score a point. 

The time given to score a goal is five minutes. The game also includes a single-player “season” mode. In this mode, the player competes with a computer-controlled player. New game modes are kept on adding after each new update. For example: 


This mode modified gravity, ball size, speed, and Bounce of the ball.

Snow Day

In 2015, snow day replaced mutators and ball was replaced to ice hockey. 


 This mode features basketball. 


Dropshot mode is my personal favorite. In his player is not supposed to score a goal. Rather, it features the field is hexagonal and a ball which becomes electrified. Players restrict the ball touching the ground. The more the ball stays in the air the more it becomes electrified. When an electrified ball hits the ground, it damages it. The ultimate aim of the player is to damage the floor of the opponent. 

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