Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator includes some of the world’s most famous aircraft, such as the Mooney Bravo, Baron 58, Airbus A321, Boeing 737, Robinson R22, Air Scheffel 738, and many others. 

The game’s aircrafts are made up of five parts: 

  1. The model:

 Models consist of two distinct sections one is the main chassis or core, and other is accessories or dynamic parts.

  1. The textures.
  2. The sounds. 
  3. The panel. 
  4. The FDE, or Flight Dynamics Engine. 

Players are not bound to use the default aircraft, rather they can add-on planes that can be downloaded from any source for free or they can also buy. 

The best part is the Artificial intelligence traffic. It provides a more realistic effect as it is possible to crash into traffic. However, the player can turn it off if he wants. There are third-party AI traffics that a player can configure for “real-time” departures. It’s a plus point! 

The scenery is quite enchanting. Players can also use Scenery add-ons to replace existing airports.  In multiplayer mood, players can communicate with other virtual pilots or players. This allows players to enjoy and enhance realism in the game.

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