Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor has multiple modes. Grand Battle, Valley Skirmish, and Abyssal Clashbare the three main modes of the arena of valor. You have to compete for around 12 – 18 minutes with an aim to destroy enemy turrets on the map. You shall stand victor after destroying the final base of the enemy. Overall gameplay resembles with vainglory and league of legends.

You can control heroes.  Each hero has a unique set of qualities.

You can earn rewards by killing minions or monsters, defeating other players, etc. Moreover, matches give gold that can be used to buy arcana.

There is a rank mode as well in which players are ranked according to their skill level. Players can also choose a role to play in grand battle mode or ranked mode. 

Unlike vainglory where there are 56 heroes, the arena of valor features 100 heroes. However, balance is maintained for fair play.

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