Apex Legends

Apex Legends features royale characters known as legends. It is an online multiplayer battle game in which up to 20 groups consisting of 3 players each Battle on an island which shrinks over time. You can also play this game as a single or two-player squad as well. 

Each player can select 13 characters. But you can’t select the character of any of your squad member has selected it already. After successful selection of the characters, all teams are then placed on an aircraft that flies over the island. One of the squad members selects when to skydive and where to land.  

After landing on the ground, the quest starts, and the whole squad search for weapons, armor, and other equipment. In Apex Legends there is no verbal communication rather it is replaced by a nonverbal communication “ping system.” This allows players to use their game controllers to communicate. 

If any of the teammates gets knocked down, he/ she can be revived by their team members. 

The island shrinks over time resulting in narrowing the safe zone. Any player outside the safe zone may face severe outcomes. The last alive squad stands the “Apex Champions”.

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